Time to ...

Clear the pollution in the air

Slow down the hunt for animals

Stop wasting things in our home from food to tissues

Unite as humankind rather than be divided through religion, race and ethnicity

Slow down the fast pace we have created

Take more time for the simple things in life for example observing the beauty of nature

Time to breathe

Time to let go of all the unnecessary commitments

Build your own immunity through positive thoughts, a clean heart and faith in the higher good

In other words, raise your vibration

Give up your fear of death - what will be will be

Think of other people in worse situations, or those that were in worse situation who gave us our freedom - appreciate what you have

Time to use technology in a better way - not to bully or pressure people into scuicide

Time to be kind to ourselves, others and most of all Mother Earth

Live within your means

Be clean, be kind, be pure

Live beyond the restrictions -

•They are keeping us ‘lockdown’

•They are enforcing (more) vaccinations but they are also releasing more disease

•They are gradually reducing cash so all monetary transactions are tracked

•They are keeping us physically tracked via the new track and trace app aswell as our phone & internet usage

•They are investing in ongoing scaremongering to make us conform

•Have you watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix? I'd recommend it. Beware of the reality you are creating for yourself.

I’m so worried about what is happening around us. The world has changed. I’m scared about the type of world my kids are growing up in. Manipulation is on another level. Segregation is increasing. Paranoia and vigilance is on another level. I myself have been subjected to abuse since the start of the lockdown and all related to mask wearing (regardless if I am social distancing, walking alone or in a situation with my children which has impacted my ability to social distance).

Keep your Vibration HIGH. It's the only way to keep your immunity high.

With peace, xxx

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