Now I understand ...

The following practises are ancient Hindu/Indian habits which were passed down for generations until the country became colonised and Westernised. It has taken a global virus to impart these good habits into the wider population. The source of this content is unknown.

Now I understand

1. Why the bathrooms and toilets were *outside* our houses and not *inside*.

2. Why we should not touch anything or anybody when we return from a barbershop or a funeral. You may return to normalcy *only* after having a bath immediately.

3. Why the footwear has to be kept outside the house and not inside.

4. Why we have to wash our hands and feet when we returned from schools or outside after playing.

5. Why a mandatory 10 days isolation / quarantine (especially at a birth or death) in traditional households.

6. Why the households must not cook if there's a dead body inside the house.

7. Why the washing of discarded clothes has to be done outside the house and not inside.

8. Why was it mandatory to be clean and have bath before cooking for the house.

9. Why once you have had bath, you were not supposed to physically touch those who did not.

Maintaining physical hygiene, social distance and cleanliness were laughed at, ridiculed, insulted, systematically breaking these traditions brick by brick, forcing people to discard these rituals for the fear of being isolated and *force fit* into a society blindly aping the Western way of life.

Now, all these habits & routines followed by Hindus from time immemorial stand validated.

Practice your Hindu tradition.

Stay safe.

Be Proud as Hindu/Indian.

Source unknown

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