Types of massage
  • Indian head massage

  • Foot massage

  • Foot and leg massage

  • Shoulders & neck massage

  • Shoulders, neck, head and face massage

  • Hand massage

  • Back massage

  • Full Body Massage (preferably 90 minutes)

All 15 minute treatments are £15 / All 30 minute treatments are £25 

All 60 minute treatments cost £35 / All 90 minute treatments cost £50

Mobile facility available but additional charges will apply 

Other massage services
  • Learn how to look after and nourish your own body through self massage

  • Learn how to baby massage 

  • Learn how to massage your stomach post pregnancy

  • Learn how to help your cesarean scar heal (this applies whether your cesarean is recent or from a long time ago). This also helps to avoid adhesions. 

Massage helps with bloating, water retention, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, relaxes the mind and decreases stress. Best of all, it is best for balancing your chakras and body's energy.

Essential Oils

I completed a Beauty, Massage and Cosmetology diploma whilst staying in India. Though my Patanjali teacher training course we were also taught the principles of Acupressure. I have a personal interest in Reflexology and practise it at home on myself and my family. 


I also stumbled across Essential Oils as an excellent way to naturally maintain your immune system and well being. I personal do not believe in taking counter tablets and avoid visiting the doctor. I use essential oils where I can and believe they are a great natural medical substitute for general coughs, colds and cuts etc. I only buy oils from a reputable company which ensures the distilling process produces 100% natural oils, which ethically sources its resources and competitively pitches it prices. You can buy an essential oil in almost any ingredient. Essential oil offer many benefits and if you would like to purchase oils - please contact me! I'd love to help! 

Based in Datchet, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom