What is a Healing?

Healing is a very personal process; nevertheless, everyone is going through some sort of journey and has areas they would like to heal within themselves. This maybe physical or emotional. It could be related to a trauma or some kind of suffering. Sharing these emotions in a safe and confidential space is a wonderful form of personal therapy. Through healing we discover that everyone is suffering through a similar sort of internal battle. Together we journey through music, sounds and silence to unleash, unravel and unwind anything unwanted that is trapped within us. Healing is important because living with traumas and suffering can manifest into illness, disease or even characteristics such as anxiety and anger. We were born to love and life freely but first we must learn to let go. 

My personal journey

I did not chose to work in the field of healing, healing chose me. My naturally compassionate and emphatic nature meant I was always drawn to helping people. In my career I worked with children and young people as a Learning Support Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Cover Supervisor before qualifying as a teacher. I have been a volunteer mentor for the Charity Chance UK and volunteered for New Horizons Youth Centre. I worked for a long period of time at Resources for Autism and later on as an advocate for children in and leaving care including Barnet Council, alongside Barnados and for now dormant charity organisation CROA (Childrens Rights Officers and Advocates). In terms of my wellbeing work, the majority of my projects have been in conjunction with Local Councils including Barnet, Hertfordshire, South Buck, Windsor & Maidenhead and Slough in order to deliver classes for women from BME backgrounds. 

Personally, having gone through an average amount of trauma from a young age - the most prominent being the death of my father when I was 15 - I have learned about life, about coping with life and learned how to heal myself on a physical, emotional, genetic, ancestral and spiritual level. I have not done it alone. I have been supported by some fantastic workers within the field - all of whom I would highly recommend, but essentially the bulk of the work was done by me. I was committed to bettering myself and this involved healing myself. 

Briefly some of the issues I have overcome include - bullying, failing at University, an eating disorder, an unexpected cesarean, adhesions which implicated my second pregnancy, extreme anger issues, addiction, battling dual identity, bereavement (several times), depression, being run over by a car which resulted in physical trauma, almost breaking my ankle during final months of pregnancy which made me immobile, friendship problems, being a workaholic and a perfectionist ... The list goes on. You don't need to have suffered from anything horrifically extreme to require healing. Healing helps you to get rid of anything unwanted in yourself which helps to create better balance within yourself and your surroundings. 

Some have benefited from the healing heat in my hands. Some call me a light worker. Others label my gift as being Clairsentient. I know I have experienced instances, interactions and engagements which some people may not believe. This is my gift. This is my strength and this is my guidance. I know I had to experience darkness so that I could see and embrace the light. I had to connect with both male and female energy in order to create balance in my body, mind and spirit. I had to embrace the sun but praise the moon and all the other natural cycles we are surrounded by in order to understand my belonging in this universe. I had to address each Chakra and nurture them until I felt an inner flow. If I can do it, you can do it too. This is the only way to live a content, peaceful, happy, healthy and fruitful life. Allow me to guide you.

Detox Support

This is ideal for someone looking to declutter their life - physically or mentally. This may involve changing diet, changing habits or changing lifestyle. It may even include changing thought processes. The key is that you are looking for change. The answer to what we need is always within us so I will help you access this. 

I can also recommend some brilliant practitioners who can assist you on your journey towards healing which will compliment the work you and I will do together. 

Thank you to everyone who joined my healing circle. 

It was such a success that I am very likely to be holding another one in the near future. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be updated first about upcoming events. 

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Based in Datchet, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom