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What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is the name of the Indian Film Industry based in Mumbai, India. It was created during the post colonisation period and has grown into one of the biggest industries existing today. Bollywood dance is a combination of different dance styles including Classical (e.g. Kathak & Bharytnatyam), Lyrical Representation and Bhangra aswell as Western influences such as Jazz, Streetdance and Cabaret. More recently, bellydancing has also been incorporated into Bollywood dance style. Dance has been around in India for centuries and it, along with music, play a major role in Indian society. Traditionally in India, dance is considered a gift from God aswell as a form of offering to the Gods but today it is considered the greatest form of entertainment.  Indian dance and Bollywood dance is magic - it's full of energy and passion and is popular across different countries in the world. 

My Indian Dance journey

I began learning and performing dance very early because my mum who was born and bought up in India surrounded me with Indian music. She encouraged me to dance and enrolled me into Kathak classes aged 8. Before then, I would watch, learn and practise routines from all types of Indian movies, particularly those featuring Madhuri Dixit (see picture)! As a child, my mother would take us to India almost every, if not every other year, for 3 months at a time. Today in Feb 2020, I have visited India a total of 16 times. So although I am born in the U.K, India is a huge part of who I am and the way I was raised. I have performed dance at many family occasions and festivals but began teaching 'Bollywood Dance' in 2009. I specialise in: Bollywood Fitness, Party tracks, Item numbers and Bellywood. I created my own Bollywood Dance troupe called 'Bollywood Soul' in 2010 which I managed until 2016 which is when I became pregnant.

Based in Datchet, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom