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Why bellydance

To read my article on 40 reasons we should bellydance please click on THIS link. 

Bellydance is an ancient art which has been used by women since time began. Whether you believe it was the Indian gypsies, Turkish travellers or Egyptian culture, bellydancing has many internal and energy benefits. It is wonderful for increasing your self esteem, indulging in your Sacral chakra and experiencing a side of you which may not reveal itself in your day to day life. It is generally a low impact exercise and can be modified for most health ailments.  

My bellydancing journey

I began learning bellydancing in 2006. It wasn't long before I was performing gigs and then teaching. I have taught countless classes and performed at many gigs and occasions. I simply love bellydancing as it has helped me to love my body. As a natural tomboy, bellydancing helped me identify my lunar/feminine side and has been instrumental in my postnatal recovery. I'd recommend all women give it a try.

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